Cheyne Walls is proud to unveil Mystical Valley.

This day was a highlight in my photograph career. Not only because I captured the most incredible scene I have ever witnessed, but because it was a truly special day of being outdoors, beholding the epic power and elegance of Nature in one of the most beautiful locations in the world.

A massive winter storm was about to hit California and weather reports showed strong winds and very heavy rain pounding Yosemite Valley. I thought this a great opportunity to capture a unique perspective of this well-traveled destination in a way that few have witnessed.

I arrived about a day before the bulk storm was projected to strike and was greeted with several weather warnings from Park Rangers and road closures in preparation for this massive storm. Using the calm before the storm, I explored higher points around the valley searching for new viewpoints. As the rain began to get heavier, I moved into my truck camper and called it a day.

The next morning I awoke to torrential rains. Preparing my gear I set off on a short hike to a location I found during scouting. For the next 5 hours I sat in the pouring rain just waiting and hoping for a clearing in the clouds. The rain was so heavy at times, even with a plastic poncho, I found myself having to returning to my truck a few times to change into dryer clothes. It didn’t matter that I was cold and wet, the Yosemite Valley was putting on a show. Fog and mist sailed through the valley, clouds consumed the mountain tops, teasing me with occasional glimpses. As the winds started to pickup, I know this could be my chance. Gusts of wind momentarily cleared heavy clouds from the valley.

As I fought to keep water droplets off my lens, a strong wind gust came ripping through the valley, clearing some of the higher mist and clouds just enough to allow a moment of sunlight to kiss El Capitan mountain. Possibly the most beautiful sight of Yosemite Valley that I have ever seen.

Black and white fine art photograph of a foggy morning in Yosemite National Park from Tunnel view in Yosemite Valley.