Purchasing Art Work

The artwork you collect is a representation of your lifestyle, ideas, inspirations, and who you are. We are an exclusive fine art photography provider.

If you do not see your desired art piece on our Online Shop, or you are interested in our custom framing, contact our sales team via email at Sales@CheyneWalls.com with the name of your selected art piece(s) and we will then reply to you with all sizes available, framing options and pricing for that particular art piece(s).

You can also visit us at our Gallery / Studio in Laguna Beach California. Please call 949.370.5643 or email to set an appointment.

  • Luxury black and white fine art photograph of Yosemite National Park.

UV Filtering Optical Museum Acrylic

  • Face mounting Acrylic
  • Laguna Beach wave



After printing on a metallic photographic paper it is left to dry and then cold-press mounted to a piece of Optical Museum Acrylic. This protects the piece from dust, humidity and UV rays. Prevents fading while showcasing the fantastic image quality, with a vibrant clarity of colors and awesome depth of contrast. All are a floating version and comes “Ready to Hang.”

Looking through Optical Museum Acrylic truly enhances the overall beauty of the photograph, adding another dimension and lifelike appearance. Not only does Cheyne shoot with the highest quality cameras and lenses possible, he also demands the use of only the finest materials and printing equipment to complete his passion of a fine art photographic print that accurately represents the beauty of Nature.

Custom Framing Options

  • Cheyne Walls Festival of Arts in Laguna Beach
  • Custom Framing



We offer custom framing around our UV Filtering Optical Museum Acrylic. Contact us for more information Sales@cheynewalls.com.


Please allow 4-7 weeks for delivery. All prints are made to order, packaged carefully for transport, and shipped via FedEx insured shipping.


We offer pre-releases to our Collectors and Supporters. An email will be sent out to our mailing list giving them the option to view and purchase the new photograph at a discounted price before it is released to the public. Sign up for our mailing list to be one of the first to view and purchase newest work.

Online Shop

We offer various UV Filtering Museum Acrylic framed art pieces on our Online Store. If you don’t see your desired piece, you can order through our Sales Team or at the Gallery/Studio.

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