The weather is cooling down and Nature displays it’s fair well to summer with the stunning reds, golds and yellows of autumn. This time of year is a mix of joy, anticipation and urgency for me. I always find myself in the ongoing search for the year’s best fall colors.

This year I traveled to Colorado in search of brilliant colors. It took over 2,000 miles of driving and over 35 miles of hiking over the course of a few days to find the perfect scene at the Old Mill.

Old Mill was captured as the sun was slipping behind the mountains- giving the perfect shadows to highlight the mill’s reflection in the river as well as adding blues that contrasted beautifully with the sunlit aspen trees. It was the picture perfect end to an autumn day.
The mill is a historical site that was constructed in 1893 as a power plant. Originally it had a horizontal waterwheel which generated compressed air for miners in the nearby silver mines.

Traveling through Colorado I took a few days to enjoy the San Juan Skyway Scenic Byway. It is one of the most picturesque drives I have ever been on. I’m not usually one to pull off the side of the road to take a picture, but I couldn’t help myself as I navigated through the dense autumn aspen groves.

Autumn Star was captured just outside of the small mountain town of Ouray. I sat there for hours waiting for the sun to fit perfectly into the right spot. The light streaked through the trees and accentuated the golden colors of the aspens before resting on the foreground.

Autumn Star / Limited Edition 18