World renowned artist, Cheyne Walls winner of a silver and bronze medal at this year’s international photography competition. 

In a stunning triumph for local talent Cheyne Walls, a Laguna Beach photographer has soared again to acclaimed heights by clinching both a silver and bronze medal award at this year’s esteemed Epson International Photography Contest. Renowned for his breathtaking nature photography, the artist has captivated a global audience with his ability to capture that perfect moment in time, showcasing the true beauty of natural landscapes in the Western United States. The silver medal recognizes his exceptional composition, highlighting his mastery in on-camera filter use and exposure control, capturing a storybook image of sunlight dancing through a magnificent vibrant reddish orange tree. This accolade not only brings well-deserved recognition to the photographer but also shines a spotlight on the rich and diverse natural beauty that defines that unique charm of the Pacific Northwest.

The bronze medal awarded to the Laguna Beach photographer at the Epson International Photography Contest serves as a testament to his versatility and keen eye for detail. Cheyne’s ability to convey the intricate interplay of light, movement, and texture in his nature photography has earned him this prestigious honor. The bronze medal-winning photograph transports viewers into a world of sublime black & white beauty, where the photographer’s skillful use of timing, perspective and composition enhances the viewer’s connection with the wonders of nature. Look closely to see a Bald Eagle resting in the trees of this formidable island outcropping. This achievement underscores the photographer’s dedication to his craft and his commitment to showcasing the breathtaking landscapes that makes the roughed coastline of Washington State a haven for adventures, poets and nature enthusiasts alike.

The Epson International Photography Contest has long been a stage for global talent, and the recognition of our local Laguna Beach photographer Cheyne Walls, with both silver and bronze medal awards is a source of immense pride for the community. This double triumph not only celebrates the artist’s individual prowess but also highlights the richness of Laguna Beach as a muse for creative expression. The photographer’s success serves as an inspiration for aspiring artists in the region, reinforcing the idea that exceptional talent can emerge from even the most idyllic and serene corners of the world. As the accolades pour in for Cheyne, the Laguna Beach community celebrates the artist’s achievement, knowing that his work has not only garnered international acclaim again, but has also showcase the local talent of their beloved coastal town to a global stage.

Local Laguna Beach Artists, Cheyne Walls wins silver medal award at Epson International Photography Contest.

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Local Laguna Beach Artists, Cheyne Walls wins Bronze medal award at Epson International Photography Contest.