Always with his trusted Rolex Explorer II, an explorer plans the next adventure. Rolex Watch

One of the most important pieces of equipment in a Nature photographer’s arsenal isn’t always part of his or her camera bag – it’s their vehicle, tool watch and specialized gear. Much more than a method of getting from location to location, or the prefect instrument of keeping time can mean the difference between capturing or missing an epic shot.

Cheyne Walls travels throughout the U.S.A and Canada in his Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro, with his trusted Rolex Explorer II tool watch, photographing the brilliance of Nature and our National Parks.

Now for a limited time, a fine art print is available of Cheyne’s beloved and essential tool watch, The Rolex Explorer II.

– Legible and durable, Explorer and Explorer II watches are designed to accompany those who push back the boundaries of human knowledge. – ROLEX


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