A beautiful Fine art photograph in Olympic National Park of off shore rocks on La Push beach.

Exploring the Olympic peninsula, I found myself using extreme caution along this unique, rugged coastline. Strong winds, a high tide and massive waves kept me off the beaches, seeking shelter in the coastal forest.

The air was filled with a salt water mist, creating a whimsical effect when the sunlight filtered through it. Large waves crashed into the rocky shoreline. I had to study the intervals between the colossal waves, the timing of my approach and exit had to be perfect if I wanted to keep both myself and my camera dry.

With a bit of hesitation, I ran out on to the beach at what I hoped was the ideal time. Slamming my tripod into the wet sand, I composed the image. Seconds later I heard the crash of an enormous wave.

The tide rushed at me, but I knew I had just captured an amazing image. I freed my tripod from the sand, and with water splashing all round me, I dashed back into the forest.

Cheyne Walls
It wasn’t until later when I was looking at the image up-close that I noticed a Bald Eagle in the trees.